Business Administration: Management

Business Administration: Management

Business Administration: Management

  • Start now; complete your Business Management Bachelor Degree 100% online in as few as 18 months*
  • Learn from faculty with extensive academic and real world experience in business
  • Graduate a more balanced professional with the respected skills organizations seek in a leader

*Time to completion varies based on previous academic experience and units required. 60 transferable units needed to start major coursework.

The online Business Management Bachelor Degree at Fresno Pacific University builds on solid principles of economics, accounting, finance, management and marketing to provide a practical guide to business operations.

Learn from a respected faculty. This means you are challenged and encouraged by mentors committed to providing you a well-rounded and industry-respected business education.

Upon completion, you should be able to identify and communicate business concepts, interpret quantitative data and make informed decisions about the operating performance and financial position of the company for which you work.

Why Fresno Pacific?

  • Accessible – Learn at your own pace while completing your assignments 100% online
  • Transformative – Experience a transformational journey that integrates – and respects – scholarship and faith
  • Flexibility – Graduate with an Online Business Administration: Management bachelor’s degree in as few as 18 months*
  • Affordability – Fresno Pacific University online programs are less than half the cost of the average program for a similar degree at a 4-year private university
  • Transfer-Friendly – Transfer up to 70 units toward your major, getting you closer to graduation
  • Supportive – An Academic Advisor guides you from application to graduation
  • Versatility – Graduate ready to take on a variety of roles in a range of career paths
  • Guarantee – FPU offers a 2-year graduation guarantee for degree completion students

*Time to completion varies based on previous academic experience and units required. 60 transferable units needed to start major coursework.

Admissions Requirements

  • Online application and $40 application fee
  • Two years' post-secondary experience
  • 60 transferable baccalaureate-level units to start major
  • 2.4 Minimum GPA
    • Students below a 2.4 GPA can submit a petition, resume, letter of recommendation and letter of explanation for consideration
  • Official high school transcripts or GED, as well as official transcripts from all colleges attended

Career Opportunities

Specific high-growth Business Management Online Degree careers include:

  • Executive management
  • Sales/marketing management
  • Business analysis
  • Human resource management
  • Operations management
  • Retail and service management

Amanda Muneton Anaya

Business Management

"With a family of six I needed a program that was both flexible and convenient. FPU provided just that for me. I was surrounded by like-minded individuals who supported me and helped me grow both mentally and spiritually."

Business Management Curriculum

The following courses are required as part of your 39-unit Bachelor of Business Management major.

BIB 314 Jesus and the Christian Community 3 Units

The foundational course for all undergraduate students at FPU, focusing on Jesus, his teachings, the community he founded and the early years of the Christian movement. More than simply a traditional Bible class, it provides students with both academic and practical opportunities for learning and growth within the broader community of the Degree Completion program. The interactive approach to learning moves students beyond knowledge and understanding to doing, living and being.

BUS 434 Individual in the Organization 3 Units

This course focuses on organizational behavior as it relates to individual motivation, productivity and performance. A secondary emphasis is a focus on effectiveness in interpersonal relationships. Students will develop an understanding of theories of motivation and organizational behavior and develop skills in effective interpersonal relationships.

MGT 315 Principles of Management 3 Units

This course introduces Management as a science and develops some of the major theories.

BUS 431 Organizational Behavior 3 Units

This course focuses on organizational structure and design. Primary emphasis is placed on understanding the organization as an open system. Students will learn to use a systems approach in basic organizational diagnosis. Contingency theory provides a theoretical framework for understanding the impact of the environment on organizational effectiveness and design.

BUS 438 Human Resources 3 Units

Students explore the values and perceptions of selected groups affecting social and economic life through an analysis of policies and practices of recruitment, selection, training, development and compensation of employees. Special attention is given to Equal Employment Opportunity and Office of Safety and Health Administration legislation through a series of case studies and simulations.

MKT 320 Marketing 3 Units

This course provides an in-depth examination of the four main areas of marketing: price, product or services, promotion and physical distribution.

BIB 451 Biblical Perspectives on Leadership 3 Units

This course is a unique blend of study in the Bible with an eye toward key aspects related to being “the people of God.” As such, it is neither strictly Bible survey, nor merely a topics course. Specific passages have been selected to promote improvement of skills for reading and understanding the Bible (the act of interpretation). Covers a range of literature, styles and time periods, which are representative of other larger blocks of biblical material. Texts correspond to topics key to understanding the dynamics of community living and aspects of healing and wholeness in these texts. Topics explored include community beginning, ordering, leadership, fragmentation, coherence and power. Both textual and topical aspects are kept in creative tension. Skills, creative thinking and application are all goals.

BUS 442 Ethics and Values 3 Units

The student formulates a philosophy of life, providing the base for such concerns as ethics in business, accountability in government, respect for human rights and a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world. Ethical theories and personal values are examined through readings, analysis of the workplace and classroom discussion.

ACCT 301 Accounting 3 Units

Managers in business need information in order to make appropriate decisions. This course deals with identifying, measuring, analyzing, interpreting and communicating information in order to achieve organizational goals. Ratio analysis will be used to ascertain appropriate financial stability.

BUS 466 Statistics 3 Units

This course, designed for Degree Completion students will help them understand statistical methods and techniques used in business. Students will learn how to collect, organize, present and analyze data. Students will learn descriptive and inferential statistics, including measures of central tendency and dispersion, sampling, normal probability distributions, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression and correlation. Chi-square applications.

ECON 301 Economics 3 Units

This class is a study in allocating scarce resources in order to achieve managerial objectives.  

FIN 460 Finance 3 Units

A study of the principles and theories of business finance to use cash flow, tax considerations, working capital and leverage along with capital budgeting and cost of capital analysis. Prerequisites: MATH-120, MATH-121 or MATH-140

BUS 471 Policy and strategy 3 Units

This course studies the effects of policy decisions in keeping with strategic decisions. Models will be used to gain understanding of useful propositions for business organizations.


BUS 466 Statistics

Prerequisite for ECON 301

ECON 301

Prerequisite for FIN 460

BUS 466 Statistics, ECON 301 Economics, and FIN 460 Finance

Prerequisites for BUS 471 Business Poilicy and Precedure