Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies

Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies

Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies

  • Start now; complete your Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership program in just six semesters
  • Learn from faculty with extensive academic and real-world experience in leadership and organizational development
  • Graduate a more balanced professional with the knowledge and skills most sought in an executive-level leader
  • Log on and complete your assignments at a time and place most convenient for you

The Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership program at Fresno Pacific University will empower you to become an agent of change in your organization and in your community. It’s an action-oriented graduate program that allows you to apply what you learn in class to your job the same week.

You learn from a respected faculty. This means you are challenged and encouraged by mentors committed to providing you a well-rounded and industry-respected organizational leadership education.

Admissions Requirements

Fresno Pacific University take a holistic approach to admissions decisions. By that we mean we look at all of the pieces of an application to make sure the program is right for you.

Considerations include:

  • Official transcripts verifying bachelor's degree in related area
  • Current resume
  • 3.0 or greater GPA
  • Students below a 3.0 GPA can submit a letter of petition and academic writing sample for consideration

Online access 24/7 for your convenience.

Complete one, eight-week course at a time.

Competitive tuition. Financial aid available.

Career Impact Potential

This Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership program is ideal for professionals who want to become executives, directors or managers sought for their skills in strategic development and change management.


Rob Taylor

Leadership & Organizational Studies

"The Leadership program at FPU was the perfect fit. I met other professionals, developed new relationships, and challenged myself to finish. Five years after graduation I can truly say a day doesn't go by where I don't use or reference something from my FPU education. It has made me a much better businessman."


MA Organizational Leadership Curriculum

The following courses are required as part of the 36-unit Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Courses: 33 Units

LEAD 705 Introduction to Leadership Studies 3 Units

The course serves as the cornerstone of the leadership studies program. Explores interdisciplinary approaches and historical foundations of leadership theories. Study of the leadership includes both theoretical perspectives, personal introspection and provides for self-discovery of personal leadership strengths and areas of growth.

LEAD 707 Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics 3 Units

Examines the various theories and perspectives associated with leading individual followers and groups.  Uses various methodologies and diagnostic tools to measure and understand the complexities of individual and group dynamics and their impacts on organizations.

LEAD 732 Change and Transformation Strategies 3 Units

Presents approaches for leaders to facilitate change and transformation in organizations and communities with a focus on learning dialogue, appreciative inquiry and participatory action research. New avenues for strategic planning are examined.

LEAD 734 Integral Inquiry 3 Units

Bridging the gap between theoretical and practical understandings, this course brings research methods into dialogue. Students will understand various components of research. Students will identify and develop an organizational research proposal.

LEAD 720 Communications and Marketing 3 Units

Examines the various communication approaches, core organizational values, and efforts from a strategic leadership and marketing perspective. Also explores internal services to the organization, as well as the external services to the community and its stakeholders. Introduces the various levels (economic, managerial, operations and marketing) of strategic action an organization must take to fulfill its mission, vision and values.

LEAD 721 Conflict, Collaboration, and Negotiations 3 Units

An introduction to conflict, collaboration, and negotiations. Includes basic theory and methods, as well as the opportunity to develop skills in such areas as listening, negotiations, and mediation, through role playing. Prepares leaders to collaborate and manage conflict.

LEAD 730 Financial Decision Making 3 Units

Investigates the qualitative leadership dimensions for strategic planning and action an organization must pursue, emphasizing the effective management of risk that appropriate quantitative analysis can provide and the qualitative implications of quantitative decisions.

LEAD 762 Leadership in Different Contexts 3 Units

Investigates the importance of building organizational cultures that honor and foster diversity. Explores the newest dimensions and challenges of leadership that strengthen and extend leadership skills through practice in rapidly changing and complex, diverse, multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-dimensional systems.  Examines leadership approaches and how strategic approaches must be modified to be effective to different organizational environments.

LEAD 752 Developing Proposals for Change 3 Units

This course presents models, ideas, theories and practice which are integral for successful systems change and transformation.  Strategic planning and approaches are explored by which leaders are able to facilitate change and transformation in organizations and communities.  Students will focus on action research to develop a proposal for systems improvement for approval by leaders.

LEAD 722 Human Resources 3 Units

Explores leadership and human resources. Topics include: 1) current trends in human resources management and the legal environment; 2) talent management, workforce planning and staffing, recruitment and selection, outsourcing, virtual teams, and role identification; 3) employee motivation and performance management; 4) organization/employee development strategies and secession planning; and 5) development and leadership of a learning culture that respects and values ethics, conflict, diversity and change.

LEAD 723 Ethics & Sustainable Leadership Strategies 3 Units

Ethical perspectives, legal environment, and organizational goals associated with sustainable principles will be examined from a leadership and organizational perspective. Also examines concept of stewardship of both human and natural environments.

Capstone: 3 Units

LEAD 766 Leadership Capstone Project 3 Units

To complete the graduation requirements for Master of Arts in Leadership & Organizational Studies, students must complete the requirements for this culminating experience of the program that applies academic and professional experiences. The development of a capstone project is done with the supervision of faculty and in collaboration with other students as co-learners.​