Masters in Sport Administration

Masters in Sport Administration

Masters in Sport Administration

Put Power Into Your Passion

Go from the field to the front office with our online Master’s Degree in Sport Administration. Gain a 360-degree degree view of the business, marketing, public relations and sales facets of sports leadership.

Aspiring Athletic Directors

Graduate prepared for administration positions at all levels, including high school, community college, university, professional and private-sector. The online sport administration master program is ideal for those who want to work behind-the-scenes to provide the administrative and business support that helps keep athletes on the field. Learn to manage various aspects necessary for an athletic director position such as management, finance, marketing and more.

Sport Industry Leaders

The online Master’s Degree in Sport Administration is an excellent fit for aspiring frontline office managers, college athletic administrators, sports marketers or another business focused positions. Gain an inside view of the global sports industry. Make your passion for sports an instrumental part of your career.

Why FPU Online?


  • Accessible—100% online, comprehensive curriculum

  • In-Depth—The online MA reflects best practices of all our sport administration courses

  • Professional—Combine classroom knowledge with in-the-field experience

  • Affordable—FPU Online saves students approximately $100 per credit hour compared to competing institutions

  • Timely—30 credits, program completion in 5 semesters

  • Applicable—Gain a foundation in sports business leadership

  • Supportive—Your Program Director will guide you from registration to graduation

Admissions Requirements

Fresno Pacific University take a holistic approach to admissions decisions. By that we mean we look at all of the pieces of an application to make sure the program is right for you.

Considerations include:

  • Minimum 2.75 GPA

  • Submit the following if below min. GPA:
    • Letter of Explanation
    • Resume including all related professional and extracurricular experience
  • Official transcripts verifying bachelor’s degree in sport administration, sport management, business, kinesiology, physical education, or related area from accredited institution


Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for holders of a sports administration masters include:  

  • Athletic Director

  • General Manager

  • Associate Director of Marketing

  • Assistant Director of Facilities

  • Director of Youth Sports

  • Media Relations Director

  • Advertising Sales Representative

  • Event Promotions Manager

  • Customer Relations Director


Sports Administration Curriculum

Required Courses (21 Units)

SPA-700—Sport Career Development 3 Units

Students will learn the fundamental principles and techniques of career development, undergo a career analysis to determine their current market value, learn how to network, build a personal brand, and develop a strategic sport career plan to differentiate themselves from others in the sport industry.

SPA-705—Sport Marketing 3 Units

Application of marketing constructs in the analysis and solution of sport marketing problems. Addresses principles and guiding precepts of how sport-based organizations market their product and services.

SPA-710—Sport Revenue and Finance 3 Units

Examination of sport revenue streams, with emphasis on how to increase revenue via sport fundraising, sales, sponsorship, promotion, and licensing.

SPA-715—Sport Leadership and Administration 3 Units

Examination of the concepts relating to efficient management and leadership of the sport industry. Emphasis is placed on principles and techniques of management relating to programs, facilities, special events and personnel.

SPA-720—Sport Sales and Sponsorship 3 Units

Examination of the principles related to sales, sponsorship, promotion and licensing as they apply to the sport industry.

SPA-792A*—Sport Administration Professional Development I 3 Units

Individually structured work experience guided by faculty member. Students will integrate their academic experience with that of the work place to demonstrate competency in sport administration.

Graded C/NC; May not be audited

SPA-792B*—Sport Administration Professional Development II 3 Units

Individually structured work experience guided by faculty member. Students will integrate their academic experience with that of the work place to demonstrate competency in sport administration.

Graded C/NC; May not be audited

* Students required to work minimum of 9 hours per week in sport administration-related area.

Master of Arts Core (9 Units)

KIN-715—Legal Aspects of Kinesiology and Sport 3 Units

Explores the law and how it impacts the field of kinesiology and sport. Examination of topics includes the American legal system, individual courses of action, legal issues commonly found within kinesiology and sport and fundamental risk- management strategies to reduce legal liability.

KIN-771—Research Methods in Kinesiology 3 Units

A study of the nature of systematic inquiry, a survey of methods employed in research and an explanation of evaluation methodology, as well as the use of research and evaluation methods in physical education, athletic training, sport administration and other discipline settings.

KIN-779—Values in Kinesiology and Sport 3 Units

This course is a study of physical education, athletic training, sport administration, sport and other kinesiology disciplines’ philosophical definitions, values clarification, moral reasoning and moral actions that relate to physical education teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, sport administrators and spectators. The university’s philosophy and values as expressed in the Fresno Pacific Idea and their implications for physical education, athletic training, sport administration and sport provides one perspective for such analysis.

SPA-796—Comprehensive Examination 0 Units

This course brings the Master of Arts in Sport Administration experience to a conclusion. Building on previous coursework, a comprehensive examination will be administered to all students to test their knowledge, comprehension, application, and synthesis of the concepts and theories taught. The comprehensive examination may only be retaken one time.